MapAnything DF17 Shuttles is Powered by MapAnything Live

MapAnything Live is an add-on to MapAnything for Salesforce. It harnesses the power of the the “Internet of Things” (IoT) to enable unprecedented location-based automation and real-time asset tracking in Salesforce.

Location-Based Automation

  • Business rules & workflows based on location
  • Event creation at appointments
  • Appointment check in / out based on location
  • Activity reports & mileage logging
  • Safety, compliance, and malfunction alerts
  • Other alerts & notifications

Real-Time Asset Tracking

  • Locate assets, vehicles, or employees in real time
  • Improve visibility into operations
  • View daily route histories
  • Record time spent onsite

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MapAnything Live sensors, such as GPS or IoT devices, communicate data via wireless, cellular, or satellite networks to the MapAnything Live Cloud – the primary communication, storage, rule engine, and events manager that can collect data from any provider and device.

The MapAnything Live Cloud processes actions and events, as well as manage communications and alerts. The end user accesses Live data using MapAnything for Salesforce.

Each Dreamforce shuttle is equipped with a telematics device that sends location information to the MapAnything Live Cloud every 60 seconds. This information is available to all MapAnything DF16 Buses users, who can view the shuttle locations in real time.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play

Available on the App Store for iPhone with iOS 8 or higher installed. Available on the Google Play store with Android API 19 or higher.